1971 VW Camper



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note missing catch on engine cover




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the left rear light is off, I think I have it


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the camper certainly will need new tires



note that cabinet at left has been cut down to opern up window






note bumps to bumper


note crack at left rear of fiberglass




the original seats have worn sections -- hence the lamb covers





note the heater for the passenger compartment -- there's a hose that runs this heat under the rear seat

-- it hasn't been tested recently






Below are two links to .MOV files to see the engine in operation.


Engine Idling


Engine at  Speed



This is a 1971 VW Camper -- Westphalia


This camper was purchased second hand around 1976 by my parents.


They owned it until 2003 when they bought a VW Weekender.  The camper then came my way.


Records I can provide include to show the mileage progression are

 (all believed to be between 128,000 miles and 183,000 miles)

11/8/83 battery

12/4/84 hose repair

5/30/85 tires

9/13/85 minor service 28,954 miles

12/15/86 service 35,032 miles

11/30/90 battery 42,760 miles

11/9/91 flasher 45,630 miles

1/4/91 minor service 43,146 miles

5/13/92 smog cert 146,403

9/11/92 major service 49,694

11/03/92 replace muffler 51,878 miles

1/19/93 windshield wiper units 53,412 miles

4/1/93 minor service 54,056 miles

6/7/93 minor service 75,238 miles

6/18/93 major service 62,475 miles

7/1/93 engine analysis 63,072 miles

1/24/94 new battery  65,499 miles

2/14/94 smog cert 166,000 miles

  4/10/95 REPLACE ENGINE 67,955 miles

6/1/95 tires 68,243 miles

8/4/95 - smog  cert 69,829 miles

7/12/95 light check and exhaust leak fixed 69,813 miles

3/15/96 smog check 72,010 miles

9/14/96 check oil, turn signal 72,522

3/10/96 - rear right drum unfrozen 80,113 miles

5/19/98 major service 76,098 miles

2/18/99 major service 78,397 miles

8/31/99 good quality paint job from Maaco, Palo Alto, CA

3/13/03 major service 81,388 miles

 4/26/09 current mileage 82,183 miles

2010 two new tires

10/18/10 full front brake job

so, 14,000 miles on new engine


Sorry, this vehicle has been sold.  Look for it across the USA or in Germany!


contact me at mikevdp@mail.com


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