Free Snoopy!


Snoopy is reportedly being held captive “in a closet” at the Kennedy Space Center.


After Snoopy’s March 15, 2009 revealing at the KSC Visitors' Center by Craig Schulz, son of the late Charles M. Schulz creator of the famous comic strip Peanuts, Snoopy was promised a prominent home in the KSCVC’s Rocket Garden.


photo published by KSCVC


Mike and Elaine Von der Porten, Charter Members of the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center in Santa Rosa, CA, attempted to visit Snoopy on May 15.  They were told that Snoopy was not on display.  Staff confirmed that Snoopy was “in a closet or something like that.”


KSC Space Shop staff stated that other visitors had inquired about Snoopy’s location and were similarly denied the opportunity to visit the prisoner.


The five-foot-high, 600 pound statue was revealed in honor of Snoopy’s long relationship with the U.S. space program including the Silver Snoopy award for achievements in program safety and Snoopy’s role in the Apollo 10 mission.


Snoopy’s availability for visitors was announced in the KSC’s Commander’s Club’s Apogee StarNews


To demand that Snoopy be freed, email Andrea Farmer, Public Relations Manager at KSC at


Information on the Charles M. Schulz Museum’s exhibit on Apollo 10 and Snoopy and Charlie Brown is at