The Boy Scouts' National Jamboree was held at Ft. A. P. Hill in 2010.

Here are some notes on the Jamboree.


The official JIS patch and its back.  Note the flour-de-leis in the dot on the "i"

and the BSA 2010 imprints on the back.


The approved JCS patch and its back.  Note the flour-de-leis on the front and the BSA

hologram on the back.


Note that there is a Jamboree Information Services patch for a group that did communications-type

information.  This created confusion at the Jamboree.


The JIS shown above should be called "Jamboree Visitor Services," the way it was done in 2005!


Below is the patch from the communications-type Jamboree Information Services:




Troop 135, Michael Von der Porten, (707) 545-7520 If you’d like to visit us at the Church of the Roses on a Monday night, please call.



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