Camporee Patch 2007

The patch with an escapade!

Here's the article on the patch theft:

Photos of the recovered patches.


For original article, see

Here's a summary of the recovery (Thursday, April 25, 2007, Lodi, CA):

=All but a handful of the missing 820
=Boy Scout Patches were returned by
=Lodi Police officers at 2:40 AM today!
=The patches were found in a church trash
=bin near where the patches were taken
=last Thursday.

=We are delighted to have the patches back
=and they will be at the Camporee for the
=scouts and volunteers in time for this
=weekend's event.

=A Lodi Police Department
=dispatcher reports that the patches
=were found as a result of a citizen
=complaint and diligent police work.
=A citizen called to report persons
=in or around Dumpsters (c).

=Officers Redding and Shaw responded and made
=contact with the subjects.  The officers
=noticed that one of the subjects had
=a patch stuck to his foot.

=The officers recognized the patch as one
=of those reported missing last week.
=They inquired of the subject where he
=had come in contact with the patch.

=The officers then responded to a church
=parking lot where they investigated the
=trash container.  Inside, they found all
=but about 20 of the missing patches.

=We would also like to thank an
="anonymous pug owner," the Lodi Police
=Officers' Association and
=John Fitzgerald of Euler Hermes Insurance,
=among others for donations for replacement
=patches.  We're fortunate now not to need
=the donations.

=Thanks go to the Lodi News Sentinel for
=first publishing this story; to KOVR,
=Channel 13, Sacramento for Sunday
=coverage; and to KWIN, 97.7 and 98.3
=out of Stockton for Monday coverage.
=Getting the word out worked!  Thanks!

Here's the Lodi News Sentinel's teaser on 4/25/07:

Here's the recovery story from 4/26/07.




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