Art Competition 2007

Here is the art for Ironstone's Art Competition 2007.

These are our snapshots of the art.  The sizes aren't necessarily proportional.  You can call for further details, or,

even better yet, come visit the exhibit.  We'll post the times and days here.  More information on the artists and

titles will be added shortly. 


For pricing and availability, contact Ironstone at (209) 728-1251.  Ask for Chris in the Jewelry Shoppe.


All images belong to the artists.  Copyrights are reserved by the artists.  2007 Ironstone Vineyards.  All rights reseved.


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Below is the Daffodil Theme Art.  Click here for the General Art.



T1 Un Fleur - Doris Henderson


T2 Daffodil Conversations - Julie Rodriguez Jones


T3 Victorian View - Julie Rodriguez Jones


T4 Protected - Gwenlyn Norton


images/art 1 2007/T5 Yellow Daffodils and Pink Tulips Marilyn Richards.jpg


T6 Splash of Gold - Dorothy Babinsky


T7 Spring Fantasy - Marilyn Wear


T8 Daffodill Tease - Vickie Chew


T9 Daffodil Dance - Vickie Chew


T10 Spring Song of Daffodils - Lura Francis


T11 Spring To Life - Ann Nancy Macomber


T12 DefinitelyDaffy - Ann Nancy Macomber


T13 Daffodil Shadows - Carolyn Macpherson


T14 Daffodils and Symphony Wine - Carolyn Macpherson


T15 Boots full of Dill - Ruth Morrow


T16 Daffodil Morning - Helen Scofield


T17 Spring.- Helen Scofield


T18 Daffodils in the Vineyard - Robert Feigen


T19 The Joy of Yellow - Geneva Davis


T20 Tending May Vines - Esther Williams



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