Art Competition 2007

Here is the art for Ironstone's Art Competition 2007.

These are our snapshots of the art.  The sizes aren't necessarily proportional.  You can call for further details, or,

even better yet, come visit the exhibit.  We'll post the times and days here.  More information on the artists and

titles will be added shortly. 


For pricing and availability, contact Ironstone at (209) 728-1251.  Ask for Chris in the Jewelry Shoppe.


All images belong to the artists.  Copyrights are reserved by the artists.  2007 Ironstone Vineyards.  All rights reseved.


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Below is the General Art.  Click here for the Daffodil Theme Art.



A1 Proud Wood Duck - Ken Bailey                                                                 A2 Autumn Leaves - Ken Bailey


A4 Bird of Paradise - Ken Bailey                                                                      A5 The Gardner - Carol David


A6 Sunlit Corner - Doris Henderson                                                               A8 Winding Stream - Doris Henderson

A9 Love Those Lilacs - Doris Henderson


A11 sunflower - Hsu-Yuan Liu

A12 Trinity Church - Hsu-Yuan Liu


A13 Roses in a White Pitcher I -      A16 Spring Trees - Betty Thompson                 A19 Leaf Forms No 1 - Betty Thompson

Carol Putman


A20 Gumball Planets - Julie Rodriquez Jones                            A22 Spun Up - Gwenlyn Norton


A23 Twisted I - Gwenlyn Norton                           A24 Punching the Clock - Gwenlyn Norton


A26 Kennedy Meadows - Barbara Conley                                                       A27 Monitor Pass - Barbara Conley


A28 Sunday Morning Side Walk - Barbara Conley                                         A29 Over the Top - Michael Severin


A30 Ironstone Pond - Michael Severin                                                        A31 Peaceful evening at Silver Lake - Michael Severin

A32 Winter Blanket, Silver Lake - Michael Severin


A34 Spring Symphony - Marilyn Richards

A36 ice 1 - Patricia Gould


A37 solitude - Patricia Gould

A38 morro rock - Patricia Gould



A40 Inspiration - Carol Ross                                                                          A41 Autumn Moods - Carol Ross


A42 Lavendar Rapsody - Dorothy Babinsky              A45 Dawn Dance - Barbara Cannon


A46 Mendocino Light - Chella                                                                A48 Waterfront - Chella


A49 Winery - Marlene Hass


A52 Pear II - Sharon Moore                                                                                                               

 A52 Pear II - Sharon Moore


A55 WagonStudy #10 - Ann Nancy Macomber                           A56 Wagon Study #4 - Ann Nancy Macomber


A57 Pot of Cyclamen - Lura Francis                          A58 Bridal Shower - Iris Lura Francis


A61 The Guardians - Ruth Morrow                           A63 Ghost Horse - Ruth Morrow


A65 Peter & Wendy - Tom Cole                                  A66 Kautz House - Tom Cole


A67 Shades of the Past - Tom Cole                                                                A68 Divi Divi Tree of Aruba - Janice  Howard   


A69 Black Bear Family in Arnold - Janice Howard                                      A70 A River Runs Cold - Carolyn Macpherson


A71 Dogwood Diversion - Carolyn MacPherson                                                 A72 Leaves of Change - Carolyn MacPherson


A74 Earth Patterns - Barbara Beaudreau                                                        A75 Decisions - Barbara Beaudreau


A76 Golden Day - Beverly Starkovich                                                             A78 A Walk back in Time - Beverly Starkovich


A80 Palm Trunk - Susan Lenz                                    A81 Lord's Prayer Triptych - Susan Lenz


A82 I've Got Rythym - Myra Steward                                                            A83 Parrots, Toucans & Bugs - Myra Steward


A87 Michael the Signing Silverback - Deanna Furtney             A88 Mt. Diablo - Deanna Furtney

A91 Where did the Ball Go - Robert Feigen


A92 Arrival at Dusk Robert Feigen


A93 North Grove - Kathleen Canning                                            A94 Late Day Shadows - Kathleen Canning


A96 Guitarist - Sal Nadler                                                          A98 Buffalo - Sal Nadler


A100 Up Close.- Helen Scofield                                 A102 Forest Light.- Helen Scofield

A103 FLORAL GOLD - Geneva Davis #1

A104 IRIS PIZAZZ -Geneva Davis #2

A105 SPRING BLOOMS - Geneva Davis #3


A107 A Future And A Hope - Kate Davidson



A108 Is It Really Greener - Kate Davidson 



                                          A109 Head Over Heels - Kate Davidson  


A110 holdin Yer Own - Kate Davidson



                                     A111 Gem Lake - Robin Bowes

A112 On Pinecrest Beach - Robin Bowes


A113 Aspen Grove - Robin Bowes

A115 Morning at Connor's - Andre Carrier

A116 Summer Oak - Andre Carrier


A117 Hudson River Poems - Risen of the Moon - Carla Goldbe     A118 Hudson River Poems - Fathom Carla Goldberg


A120 Fiery Mums - Judith Starr                                                                         A121 Gold, Silver Bronze - Judith Starr


A125 Tea Time on the Merced River - Henrietta Sparkman        A126 MacKerricher Ocean - Henrietta Sparkman

A128 Wintergreen - Kathleen Dunphy

A129 Dawn in the Sierras - Kathleen Dunphy



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