Flower Statistics

Total Daffodils as of 2/1/2005:

    30 tons planted; 495,000 bulbs planted; est. 1.1 million naturalized

New Daffodil Plantings for 2006:  2 tons = 33,000 bulbs (1 bulb = 2 oz.)

Total Daffodils as of 2/1/06:

    32 tons planted; 528,000 bulbs planted; est. 1.5 million naturalized

New Daffodil Plantings for 2007:  1 ton = 16,500 bulbs

Total Daffodils as of 2/1/07:

    33 tons planted, 544,000 bulbs planted, est. 1.8 million naturalized

In addition, there are "tons" of hyacinths, crocus and Dutch iris planted, too.



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