Flower Status Report  -  Update 02-04-2007

Barrels getting ready and the art!

Ironstone's annual art competition will be held in March.  See the entries!


Still, bulbs are out in the barrels at the winery entrance and there are a few along the road.  We've had cool evenings and warm, sunny days.  The forecast is for a bit of rain later in the week -- we need it!

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photo courtesy of Larry & Kathy Ringland

Barrels getting ready.  Don't have time to take care of 100's of barrels yourself?  Come out and enjoy ours!



photo courtesy of Larry & Kathy Ringland

More barrels getting ready.



photo courtesy of Larry & Kathy Ringland

Just inside the fence long the road into the winery -- thousands of bulbs getting ready for a show.


photo courtesy of Larry & Kathy Ringland

More beds of bulbs getting ready.


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